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Looking for a Life Coach in Dubai?

Your Peak Coaching offers unique coaching experience to motivated, driven and resourceful people who are ready to make significant and lasting changes in their life

About me

I’m an adventurous explorer by nature. Born in Russia and raised in Europe, I’ve travelled the globe to more than 45 countries, always wanting to learn more about new cities, cultures and people.
After school I decided to head to University to study Commercial Engineering. Three years in I found myself bored and restless, so (to the surprise and horror of my parents) I decided to quit university and set off on my own path. If Mark Zuckerberg can do it, why can’t I? I was certain I was not on my path and I had this strong feeling that I was supposed to be elsewhere. What am I supposed to do with Electromagnetism anyways? ​

What is life coaching?

Life Coaching is a way for you to gain personalised guidance and one-on-one support to help you release what is holding you back and find clarity in your life. Be it personal coaching or career coaching, you will be able to see your goals clearly and build confidence as you achieve them.

The purpose of coaching is not to change you, but to tap into your inner resources and help you overcome any challenges or obstacles that might be holding you back.

In such as fast paced world, we can often get lost, stuck and lose track of our vision. The goal of personal coaching is to help you clear the mental fog and set a clear action plan.

My Approach

Life Coaching is a secret tool used by the world’s most successful people.
I have great respect for anyone who chooses to work with a coach, because it shows just how committed you are about creating a better life for yourself.
As your Personal Life Coach I will be your confidant, your secret advisory board and your support system. I use a unique combination of transformative coaching skills, intuitive guidance and personalised mentoring to help my clients create lasting change in their lives.
I see coaching as a unique opportunity to set your personal and career targets and to develop your identity.