How Life Coaching can Help you Make your New Year’s Resolutions a Reality


Each year millions of us set New Year’s Resolutions, but did you know that around 30% of people will give up on their goals by the end of January? To many of us a new year means a new start, and we all put our best foot forward in order to make progress and finally achieve those things we’ve been putting off for months or even years.

While having the motivation to set goals is great, unless you make progress you may have well not set the goals in the first place. If you want to make your New Year’s resolutions a reality this year, here’s how a life coach can help…

A life coach can help you set realistic goals

Where many of us fall down is by setting unrealistic goals, or taking on too much too quickly. When we have our everyday lives to manage, it’s not possible to make big changes from day one and expect to be able to keep everything up. Often the first thing to slip is working towards your goals, rather than work or home life.

Working with a life coach to reach your goals gives you a far better chance of success. This is because a life coach will take the time to evaluate your current lifestyle and what you want to achieve, and set achievable and measurable goals for you. Goals that don’t become overwhelming are far more likely to be achieved, which overall is encouraging and will motivate you to keep going.

Life coaching will help you understand your strengths and weaknesses

As individuals, it’s never easy to assess ourselves and gain an understanding of how to work to the best of our abilities. Often another individual is required to help us fully understand how we work, which enables us to understand our strengths and weaknesses and how to use these as positives.

For many, failing to reach goals can come down to our weaknesses, and not playing to our strengths. Working with a life coach can help you better understand these traits and how to manage them. For example, someone with negative thought patterns surrounding their own success might be able to acknowledge these thoughts to be damaging and learn to push past them.

A life coach will outline a plan to create success

Working towards a goal can be tricky. Many of us don’t know how to start and how to get from A to B, which causes us to give up quickly. A life coach will be able to set out your end goal, as well as breaking that goal down into easily manageable chunks and setting out a path to reach each milestone.

Breaking everything down makes you far more likely to reach your goals. In addition, your life coach will help you with any mental blocks that may be holding you back and can be the mental support that you need to make progress.

If you need help reaching your goals and New Year’s resolutions in 2020, don’t hesitate to get in touch and get the ball rolling.