How to keep your sanity during Covid-19 crisis?

We are now going through unprecedented times. Covid-19 pandemic has changed lives of billions of people across the globe. Who would have thought staying at home could bring so many challenges? Home schooling your kids, uncertainty about the future, finance worries and being stuck with your partner 24/7 are just some of the issues to give us all sleepless nights. Read on for some tools to give you mental strength and courage.

Embrace the situation.

Whatever you resist, persist. Apart from staying at home, there is very little you can do to change what is happening. Once you accept the reality, you allow your mind to relax and release the tension. In a relaxed state, your mind is suddenly able to see the opportunities that were invisible before. Those who are quick to adapt to new realities of life, will emerge stronger and more able to cope with VUCA world. Look at this time as a unique opportunity to build up your mental flexibility and resistance.

Eat nutritious foods and exercise 1 hour per day.

Try to help your body sail through challenging times by giving it the right sort of fuel. It is all too easy to indulge in zero nutrition foods that will soothe the feelings of anxiety. However, we are making things worse. Foods with high sugar, fat and carb content will only make you feel more sluggish. On top of that, such foods will have a big impact on your hormones which in turn will affect your mood in a negative way. Plenty of green leafy vegetables, moderate amount of fruits, protein and complex carbs (like brown rice, whole wheat pasta, sweet potatoes) will give you energy that will last throughout the day and make you feel vital.

Here you can find some fascinating information about what kind of foods can help us thrive.

It has been scientifically proven that physical exercise reduces inflammation in the body. So in fact, physical activity will reduce the burden on the body and strengthen your immune system. Exactly what we need to fight off the virus. In addition, studies have consistently shown that physical exercise can help treat and prevent depression. So have it as a rule to stand up very hour and get the blood pumping. It can be just walking up and down the stairs, doing crunches, lunges or even burpees. You are guaranteed to see the difference in how you feel.

Find your flow

Do you remember the last time you were ‘in the flow’? “Being in the flow’ is a state where you are so absorbed in some activity that you are not even conscious of the time passing. Try to go back to the times you were a child. Maybe you loved to dance to your favorite music, paint on a canvas, bake bread, write poetry, mix music or play a guitar. Whatever your chosen activity, it felt so easy and effortless that it felt as if you were simply born to do it.

We rarely have time to practice some of our forgotten talents during everyday life. We are so busy checking things off of our to do list, that we are simply not aware of what makes us truly happy. Now we have a wonderful opportunity presented to us to stop for a second and tap into our inner resources.

Here is an insightful TED talk about the concept of being in the flow.

This too shall pass

Remind yourself that nothing lasts forever. There is an end to the tunnel. Think about how you would like your life to look like after this shake-up. When you look back, what would it take for you to say you were proud of the way you sailed through coronavirus time? What would it take for you to say that you used this time productively? Write down your answers and use them as a starting point to narrow down your daily goals.

If you use tools above on a daily basis, over time you will see big difference in your mental state. The benefits of it will have a cumulative effect. Practice them often enough and you might even develop life-long habits that will serve you even after the pandemic.